The P-4 Routing Box Series inherited original P-1, P-2, P-3 series' top notch quality that were highly acclaimed by musicians since its first release in 1999 for more affordable price while maintaining hand wiring production and using well selected parts with special wiring method to minimize the noise by reviewing work efficiency that are not related to the sound quality and durability and renewing the body design.

This is a model of the P-4E (A/B Box) with Effect loop. The effect loop is placed before A/B selector. If nothing is connected to the loop, the signal will be bypassed. Since the loop's ON/OFF can be visually seen by LED, this will be a suitable function for the units such as vintage effect pedals that are not equipped LED to check whether it is on or off. Also, some of the effect pedals go through buffer circuit even the pedal is off. Some players prefer not to use buffer when the pedal is off. The P-4 LE is designed to have completely separated signal line for the loop to answer these needs. We employed original measurement to ensure turning on and off reliable by having 60mm space in between the switches.


  • ●Power consumption:DC9V/30mA
  • ●External Dimensions(not including jacks, switches):180(W)×60(D)×32(H)(front edge)/40(H)(rear edge)mm
  • ●Weight: approx. 450 g
  • ※Supplied Accessories: AC adaptor, Rubber feet x 4




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