The P-4 Routing Box Series inherited original P-1, P-2, P-3 series' top notch quality that were highly acclaimed by musicians since its first release in 1999 for more affordable price while maintaining hand wiring production and using well selected parts with special wiring method to minimize the noise by reviewing work efficiency that are not related to the sound quality and durability and renewing the body design.

Providence P-4E is the A/B Box equipped with the Switchcraft jack and Providence OFC wire to minimize the sound degradation. The LED turns on by selecting A OUT. Unselected signal will be grounded, and input from the amp or effect pedal will be muted. It is same situation as the guitar or bass' volume is all way down where noise level is minimum. It avoids translating noise from cables, amp, and effect pedals' input and prevent the noise to come through from amp's output as well as crosstalk interference. For example, by connecting A out to a tuner and B out to the rest of your signal chain, and choose A OUT, you'll be able to tune with mute on.


  • ●Power consumption:DC9V/30mA
  • ●External Dimensions(not including jacks, switches):180(W)×60(D)×32(H)(front edge)/40(H)(rear edge)mm
  • ●Weight: approx. 450 g
  • ※Supplied Accessories: AC adaptor, Rubber feet x 4




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