Z102 model


The Premium Link series Z102 model breaks away from the traditional Providence cable concept with a design that has been specifically tailored to live performance. This is the first Providence cable to feature a tin-plated LWZ1 OFC conductor. A NAP elastomer BK insulator is a perfect match for the conductor and contributes to outstanding performance overall. These two new materials combine with innovative Providence core construction and a super-high-density braided shield to deliver outstanding tone with low noise. On stage you'll be able to get well-defined clean tones that project beautifully even when the house is packed, and distortion will carry with unprecedented power and clarity. The Z102 model is a great match for tube amplifiers, making the most of tube tonality in a live setting. One-piece Providence NP-11G or NP-14G/NP-14GL (L-angle) plugs with 24 carat gold plating bring out the best in the sound of this unique cable.

Z102 Specifications
  • Providence with LWZ1 OFC
  • Conductor Size : 0.18mm2
  • Construction(No./mm) : 7/0.18 OFC
  • Diameter : 0.55mm
  • Insulation Thickness : 1.98mm(±0.05)
  • Diameter : 4.50mm
  • Inner Jacket Thickness : 0.25mm
  • Diameter : 5.00mm
  • Shield-Diameter : 5.50mm
  • Jacket Thickness : 0.75mm(±0.10)
  • Diameter : 7.00mm
  • Maximum conductor resistance(20˚C) : 100.00≧(Ω/km)
  • Capacitance(1kHz) : Approx.100(pF/m)

Premium Link Z102 model


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