V206 model


With specially designed plugs that can directly screw-clamp the cable without the need for soldering, the Platinum Link V206 model makes it easy to create high-quality cables of any length up to 5 meters. The cable as well as the NP-20 and NP-20L plugs have been newly designed for the V206 model. A VLK1 OFC conductor and tin-plated super-high-density braided shield plus carbon-impregnated conductive vinyl sheath result in a thin, flexible cable that offers excellent electromagnetic noise rejection. Picking nuances come through with clarity in an overall sound that is tight and powerful. Gold-plated one-piece Providence NP-20 or NP-20L (L-angle) plugs attach securely to the cable via a needle at the rear end of the plug and two screws in the plug cap (registered utility model) for a secure mechanical and electrical connection as well as great sound. The mechanical strength of this 2-screw system is considerably greater than conventional designs, minimizing the possibility that the cable will be pulled out of the plug.
The V206 model is available in 3 meter and 5 meter lengths that can be cut and trimmed as required. The NP-20 and NP-20L plugs are sold separately.

V206 Specifications
  • Providence with VLK1 OFC
  • Conductor Size : 0.18mm2
  • Construction(No./mm) : 16/0.12 OFC
  • Diameter : 0.55mm
  • Insulation Thickness : 0.98mm(±0.05)
  • Diameter : 2.50mm
  • Inner Jacket Thickness : 0.25mm
  • Diameter : 3.00mm
  • Shield Diameter : 3.50mm
  • Jacket Thickness : 0.50mm(±0.05)
  • Diameter : 4.00mm
  • Maximum conductor resistance(20˚C) : 100.00≧(Ω/km)
  • Capacitance(1kHz) : Approx.160(pF/m)

Platinum Link V206 Solderless model


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